I am a Christ follower, husband, father, grandfather and pastor. I serve as pastor of the Lompoc Foursquare Church, where I have pastored for over 26 years. I love this community and this great  and growing church of people. I serve as a chaplain to our police and fire departments and am a supporter of our Airmen at Vandenberg Air Force Base. And yes, I was Overhauled!


One thought on “About

  1. Bro Bernie – I was so pleased so see the act of love in action when those who think so much of you as a husband, father, friend and shepherd set you up in that asbsolutely fastasic Camaro rebuild. Please enjoy your new ride (like I need to tell you to do that) and remember one thing if you might have one of those hopefully fleeting feelings of guilt that might stand in the way of you enjoying this gift – Don’t rob those behind this gesture of their blessing. I watched all the faces in the reveal scene. Yes, there was one happy preacher, but those other folks had the Spirit running fierce through them and that was manifested in their faces. Our greatest reward is with the Lord in heaven, but He certainly doesn’t mind a small indulgence for his saints, especially when it is powered by a kickin’ v-8 with some heat in it.

    I was proud to call myself y’all’s brother. May you continue to be blessed.

    Charis and Eirene


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