Making the Church What God Intended

Our church has had a heart for sharing the good news of Jesus since it’s inception. It was started by a flying evangelist – a very creative guy who was doing things few were doing. He actually sold his airplane to buy part of the lot our church sits on.  The church can never be about itself – it most always choose to be about what is happening outside it’s walls. Not in protest or being known for what it is against, but rather being known for what it is for.  We are for God, for people and believe that people matter to God.

Coca Cola has a mission – to get a can into everyone’s hand. 73 million will have a coke in their hand by the end of day… But that isn’t good enough for Coke they want to get it in more hands. Pepsi says: “We want more of our product into people’s hands.” Coke said, “we have to move quicker and think more creative because we don’t want so many people moving to false coke.” We must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the “The Real Thing” into the hands of everyone! It is the only way to become the church that God intended.   When Jesus called His disciples, He had one simple phrase. Follow me and I will teach you how to fish. It is what the flying evangelist was doing and what we must do. Follow Jesus and if you follow Him you too will be fishing. To Follow is to Fish. 

Let’s go fishing.  


One thought on “Making the Church What God Intended

  1. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the “The Real Thing” into the hands of everyone! What does it take to motivate a person to come to the place of willingness? My answer is that it comes from a relationship with and an understanding of God’s heart. A desire to know Him and not just about Him. Having an understanding of the Bible which declares his glory, grace and love for us. A complete submission to His authority over everything that exists both in heaven and earth. A decision to turn away from the lust and pride that ultimely leads to our destruction and trust in Him who is exceedingly abundant and willing to provide for all our needs according to His great riches. Talking to Him, seeking, asking. demanding to know His plan for our individual lives. Allowing His Spirit to guide us into the Truth “The Real Thing” . Be completely persuaded that by faith in His Name the miraculous will of His son Jesus the Christ will be acomplished. What is Jesus’ will? That no person will suffer eternity apart from the fellowship of Him but that all should come to know Him and the power of His eternal resurrection from death.
    How is a person expected to persuade others of something they themselves know nothing about. How can we save the world if we don’t know where its heading. Christ was clear when He explained to His disciples that the end of this generation will reveal His coming again, to judge wickedness, make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for, and to bring in everlasting righteousness. Brothers and Sisters love your neighbor as yourself. Be willing to tell them about “The Real Thing”.

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